Lost Cinemas – Picturedrome, Wortley Road, Armley


This was our local station in the 1950’s/60’s. It was only 5 minutes walk from home and we could get a train into Leeds or Bradford. The building behind the signal box was The Picturedrome on Wortley Road. My Dad would take me here each week – Mum disliked this picture house thinking it buggy and full of germs!

I vividly remember going to see the film Jacqueline in 1954 (so I was barely 5 years old). Many years later I read Catherine Cooksons Grand Man books remembered the story and checked – it was the Cookson book made into Jacqueline.

Alan Bennett remembered going to this cinema in his memories of Leeds (and it was the nearest cinema to Barbara Taylor Bradfords home) though Alan Bennett never mentioned having to be scrubbed and Derbac’ed when he got home!

As a young woman my best friend at work was Jean Brown. We realised we had attended the same Primary School although she was 4 years younger than me so we had no memories of meeting then. Her Mum Irene was the usherette at the Picturedrome right through  the 1950’s as it was a job she could do on an evening when the children were in bed.

The Picturedrome closed in the early 60’s I think, it was demolished and sheltered housing was built on the site.

Montague Court, Wortley Road, Leeds 12


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