“Buddy Holly – Rock n Roll Party” at Bridlington Spa last night …..hangover today!

Steve Taylor's Buddy Holly Rock & Roll Party artist photo

I was only 9 years old when Buddy Holly died but his music was such a part of my childhood I have always loved it. On his one tour of Britain in 1958 he played at the Gaumont Cinema, Bradford. This was a huge 3000 seat venue and I was so jealous of my cousin who had a ticket. He was 18 at the time – I just wanted to be 18!


In 1958 children did not go to Rock n Roll concerts so I had to here about it second hand. I can’t ask my cousin about it now as he has gone to 50’s music Heaven however I do remember some things he told me. He bought a Buddy record and was told to wait by the stage door for Buddy and the Crickets to sign it. Now waiting and patience were not in his genes and he decided not to wait , something he always regretted.


Back to last night at the beautiful Bridlington Spa, we are so lucky to have such a sweet little venue in our town. We drove into town (5 minutes away) and parked on South Marine drive. It was a glorious evening, the tide was in and the Bay looked lovely. We were a little bit early so we walked down to the harbour before going into the theatre. We had only been seated a few minutes when I realised the man in front of my o/h had terrible BO. We did wonder if he was a plant to give the place a bit of 1950’s ambiance but I have seen him on the bus so ruled that out! The stalls were almost full but when the lights went down we managed to move sideways 3 seats where the air was fresher! There would have been no chance of moving in 1958 as it was a sell out.


Fabulous show- a little bit rough around the edges but the music had a few brave couples jiving (gently!) in the aisles. As my o/h does not dance and I am rubbish at jiving I was not one of them. It brought back memories of my older female cousins teaching me to jive and practising with the Hoover. As I was always the taller of my friends I always had to dance the male part so I never mastered the spinning. My lovely Mum who was about 50 years old at that time tried to teach me too with hilarious results. Remembering brought a few tears to my eyes. I must have been the only person in the theatre who shed tears last night.

Steve Taylor did not look much like Buddy, Buddy had big straight  teeth but Steve’s stick out a little making him have a look of Bernie Winters when viewed from the side.

Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly… Rave On!        

Charles Hardin Holley

7-9-36   –  3-2-59

It was a long show, the last tribute show we went to at the Spa ended at 9.30pm last night it was 10.45pm. Not quite Ken Dodd but my little dog had his legs crossed when we arrived home! A good few drinks were poured, a film was watched and we crawled to bed in the wee small hours.

Rave On!







2 thoughts on ““Buddy Holly – Rock n Roll Party” at Bridlington Spa last night …..hangover today!

  1. I’ve just come across this.
    Bernie Winters was a big star so I guess it’s a back handed compliment. I don’t think he sang like me though! Shame that’s all you noticed! I am a massive Buddy fan myself by the way!
    God bless!
    Steve x
    ( P.S I had to stop touring because I damaged the tendons to my left had which meant I couldn’t play guitar or drive for 10 months. I’m Just about to return!)

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