A New Venture!

This lovely lady has just opened a shop on etsy – gorgeous things!

Carol Turner

After very careful consideration I went ahead this week and opened a shop  on Etsy. Within 24 hours I got my first sale, wow was I excited, but since then everything has been eerily quiet. I am told Etsy is a vast marketplace and you have to work really hard at marketing and promoting your shop otherwise you will get buried. So as my first sale was probably a fluke I will have to get to grips with the finer points of on-line trading. If anyone has any tips or experience I am all ears!

No point in having a shop if I don’t have anything to put in it, so it was hard at work as usual with the knitting. This week I completed my:

Little Dazzler Coat


This would fit a baby girl 6-9 months and is knitted in DK. I love the way the yarn knits…

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