Another knitting project finished..and another cast on!

This is the end result of the summer cover-up made from my oddments bag…


It does look better on. I will post a pic of me wearing it asap. It has been really cold here – not the weather for linen pants and tees!


I made it in a mix of stripes but always keeping the main few stripes across the front. The back is exactly like the left front.


The buttons were from a vintage M & S sweater I binned a while ago. I sewed them on with green cotton in a cross just for a change.


I did the left front band in pink to match the buttons. All in all I am pleased with this addition to my lounging in the garden wardrobe.

My next project has already been started. A Marion Foale cardigan in 4 ply yarn (I had some pure wool coned yarn bought from a charity shop a while ago). It is in a basket weave pattern and beautifully darted. I intend to make it without pockets as I only stuff them with tissues and pull them out of shape!



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