June 1st and my kitchen dresser is decorated with more bunting!

Earlier this year I decorated my kitchen dresser for Easter, then for May Day and this is my June creation!


I decided to do a theme of weddings as June is famed for being the wedding month. Time was short and I never managed to scan and sort the photographs so I changed the theme to Birthdays.

I had the photographs already as they were on last years photo calendar, the tape was from the bottom of my sewing basket. I used the Easter Bunting I had bought online as a template.


I drew round it on part of a cereal box for the shape.


Then I cut the shape out and binned it! It is the rest of the box you need. You can place this over the photograph and make sure it is positioned exactly right. Draw the triangle shape onto the photograph and cut round it carefully.


All you need do now is punch holes at each corner. I only had a really old office punch and it was awkward getting them in the correct position (I had to repair one corner – oops!). I then threaded the tape through and it was finished.

The vintage postcards are all Birthday themed and from the 1920’s – 1940’s, some from Kate to Ida, some from Ida to George. I am sure these unknown people would be glad their Birthday Greetings are still giving someone Joy almost 100 years later!

I began to chat to someone at church last week about sewing and embroidery. I offered to look through my craft stuff for embroidery silks for her. Some of the boxes had not seen the light of day for 30 years or more and I found quite a stack of silks. Amongst them was this tiny Pyramid Charm


it has obviously been made by me. It is felt, with symbols on each side and the date 1966 embroidered on it. I have absolutely no memory of this but 1966 was a bad year for me. I was in hospital twice and also trying to revise for my  O Levels. I know I did sew small items in hospital to pass the time and I must have made this. It seems to be amulet of some kind and it seems to have worked as I recovered and I am still here!


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