Iron & Velvet – REVIEW of Kitchen Surface Cleaner in Mango

This is a review from my sister Blog Sea View Reviews on the fab Iron & Velvet!

Sea View Reviews

I was chosen by the lovely people at Iron & Velvet to review four of their Interior products. The Company based in Dudley in the West Midlands makes 14 cleaning solutions, their ethos is Quality, Performance and Experience. For over 30 years they have manufactured and developed specialist cleaning solutions to be used in the metal finishing industry.

 I was more excited then I have ever been about cleaning materials when the box arrived. The sturdy box revealed tight balls of tissue paper at the top. The four products were each one in a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped in tissue. More tissue between the bottles stopped them moving in transit and there was more at the bottom. My first job was to smooth out all the tissue (as a child on the 1950’s I recycle without thinking about it) I will use it (and the plastic bags) for wrapping gifts…

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