Father’s Day Kisses to all Dads Past Present and Future

This is just a quick tribute post to my own Dad and the men who were like Dads to me as I grew up.


This is my parents on their wedding day – Dad was hungover – look how he is cling on to Mum’s arm!


On the left is my God Father  Uncle Arthur and on the right my much older cousin Bill – forever Little Billy as his Dad was Big Bill.


This is Uncle Arthur again on the left and on the right is my Uncle Lewis. He was married to Mum’s eldest sister Florrie . His own son was known as Little Lewis and he was Dad Lewis but this soon became simply “Dad”.

My Mum’s father died when she was just 6 and her younger sister 4 and “Dad” took over the role of stand in father to them. He was only 21 at the time but he always made sure “the girls” had a present on their birthday and at Christmas. With three older brothers they should have had enough role models but “Dad” was special. He treated them as children when the others in the family treated them as young adults. (Mum and Auntie lit fires and cooked on a range as soon as they were tall enough).  “Dad” spoke up for them when they left school and they were set on at the mill where he was a tuner (a skilled mechanic to keep the looms running). When Auntie wanted to be promoted from the spinning room to the weaving shed and was told she was too small he spoke up for her and made her a box to stand on. She was the only weaver in the mill who stood on a box to reach!

Now I have gone off at a tangent but my own Dad would not mind. He too loved “Dad”. We were once on our usual group family holiday in Redcar and everyone wanted “Dad’s” attention. The man sat next to us on the sands remarked in awe

“By he’s only a little’un but he’s all these bairns!”

My own Dad was a man’s man. He loved his pint, his bets, his cigs, his dog but most of all he loved Mum and me. He never left the room without touching our shoulders or our cheeks.

I still feel his touch now.


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