My Fifteen Minutes of Shame

The other day I turned on the TV in the morning – something I hardly ever do. I was wanting to remove a DVD from the player but I ended up watching a programme about Hoarding. I dislike heights and being on the water. but living in a house filled with rubbish makes me shudder. Imagine this happening ;

Compulsive Hoarder Crushed to Death

Do you remember Mr Trebus?

Please do not think I am making light of people with the compulsion to hoard. Mr Trebus was as he was because of his past. I will never forget Edmund Trebus and use his name as a mantra to keep my home clutter free. I am afraid of becoming less fussy as I age and also less able to tackle throwing things away. Having less clutter and more space makes me feel happier and more in control.

I decided to take fifteen minutes to remove fifteen things from my home. Fifteen minutes is because I have the habit of reading and examining items and being side-tracked. This was the result;


2 x paperbacks – to pass to Hazel my neighbour

3 x DVD’s watched because the tv is rubbish with the World Cup – Charity Shop

2 books – Charity Shop

1 x pile of papers and magazines – recycling bin

1 x bag of embroidery silks – to pass on to Dawn

1 x pile of wires from bras! – recycling bin

1 x large piece of bubble wrap – Charity Shop

4 x almost empty tubes of face creams and lotions (I test stuff for 2 different manufactures and always have lots of half empty tubes.

1 x tube of Clarins face wash which has been chewed on one corner. I presume the dog has had this – drat him!

16 items – so over my target. I aim to make this a regular thing. Next time it will be 15 minutes of Shame from my kitchen. Watch this space!







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