15 more minutes of Shame – Kitchen Clearout.


This was the haul yesterday from the kitchen. 15 minutes to find 15 items that need to GO!

1 x tin This is going in the shed to keep seed in and the box I have them in can go in the bin

2 x posy vases – Charity Shop

1 x set of picnic cutlery – Charity Shop

2 x lolly moulds – Charity Shop

1 x set of 6 tall glasses – Charity Shop

1 x bag of used stamps – Oxfam

I x games markers and dice – Charity Shop

1 x Candle (smells horrible) bin

1 x pot of paint – bin

1 x Nappy sacks – next door for doggy poop bags

1 x Thank you card

1 x Instructions for something I no longer have – both for re-cycling bin

1 x dog food sack – shed where I use them for clearing up weeds and then tipping the contents into the brown bin

Next post will be 15 minutes of Bedroom Shame. I think that one will have several sequels!



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