review of Iron & Velvet – Glass and Mirror Cleaner – in Apple and Mint fragrance


This is the last of the four products from Iron & Velvet I have to test and review (sob). I left it until last as I find cleaning windows a real chore.

I was more excited then I have ever been about cleaning materials when the box arrived. The sturdy box revealed tight balls of tissue paper at the top. The four products were each one in a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped in tissue. More tissue between the bottles stopped them moving in transit and there was more at the bottom. My first job was to smooth out all the tissue (as a child on the 1950′s I recycle without thinking about it) I will use it (and the plastic bags) for wrapping gifts and for E Bay sales!

We live in a bungalow with 11 medium to large windows.

The window cleaner comes in a plastic bottle with a push button spray not the trigger spray the other products have had. I did find it hard to push the button down but my lovely husband came to my rescue. He didn’t clean the windows for me just pressed the button down hard a few times to get it working then wondered off. The apple and mint smells it just as lovely as the other products and the fine spray soon wipes away with a micro fibre cloth. The windows I started with were the three in the kitchen and they were soon sparkling. I then went on to the kitchen mirror. It is one of those pub style ones with an old Bugatti painted on. It has been in 3 houses with us and it has happy memories even though it isa little bit shabby now.


It was soon so clean I will have to avoid it for a while (it shows every wrinkle now!)

I then had a go on my bar stool. It is only  a cheap one and the stainless steel base is not heavy grade metal like on a draining board but I soon had a good shine on it.


After this success I brought in the step stool and did the cooker hood. I cook from scratch every day so it is soon dull but it came up a treat.


500ml for £7.49 and like all the Iron & Velvet products I have tried it goes a long way.

In case you have missed the other Iron & Velvet products I have reviewed they can be found here, here & here.

They can all be bought from Iron & Velvet.  The Company based in Dudley in the West Midlands makes 14 cleaning solutions, their ethos is Quality, Performance and Experience. For over 30 years they have manufactured and developed specialist cleaning solutions to be used in the metal finishing industry.

  I would like to say a big thank you to the lovely people at Iron & Velvet for giving me the opportunity to try these luxury cleaning products. I have enjoyed every minute and I do not usually say that about cleaning. I have also kept up to my cleaning much more over the last few weeks. In fact someone asked if we were expecting Royalty or an Estate Agent round!

These products are marketed as luxury, they all look good and they smell divine. They are easy and quick to use and best of all they WORK!


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