Ribbon Bombing Anyone?

Fantastic Ribbons

I have started to think of some simple new ways to use these lovely ribbons.


This is my very first effort…


The ribbon is 38mm Scotsdale it costa just £2.50 for a whole reel 3.6metres. In Imperial measures that is 1.5 inches x 4 yards. It is a firm fabric and easy to work with.

I cut a length about 12 ” long and ran running stitches along one short edge and along one long edge. I chose a fine needle and used small stitches. I then pulled the thread to gather the ribbon. It naturally fell into a flower shape and just a few stitches made it secure. To cover the stitches in the centre just sew on a matching button. On the back I used a 1″ mother of pearl button…


The front needs a smaller button as the ribbon “petals ” curl around.

If I was using this as a trim on a parcel, napkin ring, headband etc. I would only add a small button at the front. I added the button underneath as I want my flower to stand firm on the table. In the centre of the flower I will be adding a suprise – Watch this space!


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