Fantastic Ribbon Bunting….work in progress!

from my “sister” blog Sea View Reviews

Sea View Reviews

DSCF9118This last weekend I made a start on some dainty bunting based on this lovey Snowflake twill ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. It also comes in green and white. I have designed this bunting so it can be used for any occasion. For a child’s room, to welcome a new baby, Easter whatever! You just choose the ribbon in a colour and design of your choice.

How to make the knitted hearts –

4 ply yarn no. 10 3.25mm needles will make a heart aprox 2 3/4″ tall. Thicker yarn would make a larger heart and need a wider ribbon – you choose!

Make 2 heart shapes.

Cast on 3 sts and P. one row.

Row, 2. K twice into 1st stitch, K1, K twice into last stitch

Row 3. P

Row 4. K. Row -Increase in first and last stitch 7sts. Cut the yarn and leave the work on…

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