Fantastic Ribbon Pinboard – Tutorial!

After pulling something in my back I am now back to full fitness – and have every sympathy for chronic sufferers.


I came across a box of brand new  Ikea goodies at a charity shop – all a little bit bashed around. I managed to find this pine mirror for 99p and snapped it up. I have wanted to make a pinboard for a while but didn’t want a padded one. The wide frame on this mirror just begs to be used for messages and reminders.


A box of drawing pins found in the shed and some  Snowflake twill ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons and I am ready to begin!

My first decorated pin was this one


It is really easy to make, just take a piece of ribbon about 4″ long and take the two ends to the wrong side. Stick the drawing pin through so the head of the pin shows on the front. You then need a piece of ribbon  about 1 1/2″ long to make the crossover piece and this covers the metal pin head. The pin sticks through both ends and holds it in place. A few small stitches hold it firm.

I made a small rosette ( I have always loved them – all those pony books I read a s a child. Though I pronounced gymkhana as gymnanka!)

This is just a few inches of ribbon gathered along one edge. The drawing pin is pushed through the ribbon and hidden in the folds. Again a few small stitches hold it in place.

The flying V one reminds me of my favourite guitar!


Cover the pin head by taking the ribbon on each side in a mitre shape – like a hospital corner on a bed sheet. You will now have the v shape and a few stitches hold it in place. A small button covers the stitches up. It is a bit fiddly sewing on the button as you can’t stab through button holes as the metal head is there. You have to  just catch the ribbon at the back of the button.


The ends are then cut diagonally to finish it off.

The Kiss one is very easy to make, just take two small pieces of ribbon


Push the pin through from front to back and then cover the head with the other strip. Small stitches all round hold it in place and a button sewn on top covers the stitches.


Whatever ribbon and buttons you choose there are loads of options  at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world.


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