Monday, Monday, so good to me!

Lovely sunny Monday here in the East Riding of Yorkshire. A knock at the door brought a courier with a box of goodies to publicise the release of the film The Jersey Boys;


There is a lovely key ring and my door key one is broken, t shirt, coasters, badge.

The council rang – they are delivering my composter win,

the postman brought me a paperback book All The World is a Wedding won on twitter!


We called at a small car boot sale at the Dotrell Pub on the way to Filey. It only started last Monday. There were about 20 stalls but I bagged a beautiful lamp


I have a small collection of 60’s and 70’s studio pottery and a few German Fat Lava items. This is quite big and has 2 panels with red and white flowers and one with a Geishia  beautifully etched into the pottery. It is not wired up and didn’t have a shade but looks great on the sideboard in the front lounge. It was £3 and I think a bargain!



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