Name that plant!

First apologies for being quiet on here, the hot weather has zapped my energy. I have also been trying to tackle the garden as it had started to look like a jungle. Each day I have cut a part of the huge array of hedges and cleared up the clippings before collapsing in a damp heap!

Like most people I have inherited lots of plants with the garden and have no idea of their names. This clump of Montbretia is lush at the moment


One of the easiest plants to grow and a favourite of mine it is beautiful in July and August.

Armed with a book from the library I decided to read up on it’s history. The book was next to useless but I did find out it originated in South Africa, it is a weed in the Blue Mountains and its real name is Crocosmias. The bulbs are slug and snail resistant, it reappears every year. The only upkeep is pulling away the foliage and flowers when they die.


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