Another Name That Plant – Cranesbill Geranium?


I have no idea where the plant with the small pink flowers came from – maybe the birds dropped seeds?

When we moved here in 2005 the garden had very narrow borders which the previous owners planted with bedding plants each year (in regimented rows!) Now I am the first to admit that summer bedding can be stunning but I like my garden to look lush with large clumps overflowing onto the paths. More than that the plants must be hardy and perennial. We have wind from the sea ( although we are about a mile from the shore we sometimes get sand blown in!) and worse we have cold North East winds in the winter. These have been the downfall of many of my favourites.

These little pink flowers thrive anywhere and seen freely. I have found out today they are from the Geranium family commonly known as Cranesbill Geranium. I remember in the garden at my childhood home we had some Blue Geraniums with a bigger flower than these, I am going to try to source some. I have just the place next to a white flower – if only I knew its name!


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