Why Does it always Happen To Me?

“Why does it always happen to me?” was one of my M.I.L.’s favourite sayings but I am going to borrow it.

Last night we went to The Spa to see yet another tribute act, The Temple Brothers as The Everleys. We had our favourite back row seats (more leg room!) and were just getting comfy when I spotted a very tall old lady coming in. (Remember Chris Evans in T.F.I.Friday? Well she was like the tallest of his tall old ladies!) Of course she had the seat right in front of me. She was not only tall but she had a neck like Jack Charlton – one of the Whites Revie era greats.

He is a tall guy but he has the longest neck of anyone I have ever seen and he was the greatest header of the ball. I kept expecting the tall old lady to throw her handbag into the air and head it onto the stage!

Fortunately there was one spare seat next to my oh and as the lights went down I scrambled across him and nabbed it.

Still the night could have been worse. You may remember we went to a Buddy Holly tribute earlier in the year and the guy in front had rancId B.O. well he was there again but mercifully we were rows apart and this time I had perfume in my bag!


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