Book Reviews? Do you take any notice of them?

I never bother with book reviews. Sometimes I see one and I think that sounds interesting but I am not swayed by “this is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!” hype. I have lost count of the times I have found a best seller to be just average.

I have just discovered the crime books by Peter Robinson. Not a fan of police drama I have not seen Banks on screen (really it’s Tomkinson I don’t rate). I choose “Piece of my Heart” at the library and had a surprise. All the places mentioned are within five minutes walk of my childhood home. It was like This is your life with murders!

A little bit of digging and I found that Peter Robinson was brought up in Armley, Leeds and attended West Leeds Boys Grammar School (now made into apartments!). I lived 200 yards away in Wortley which we thought of as much posher.

He is the same age as me and was in the same year as my cousin Geoff. Our paths never crossed – as a teen I was into clothes, dancing, soul and Tamla Motown. Peter was evidently a regular at The Peel where they had Trad Jazz. Now if I was ever on the I’m Not a Celebrity show – forget the creepy crawlies just play some jazz and I would be out of there like a shot.

Going back to the book – I really enjoyed it but I sussed the three culprits out easily. Maybe we have more in common than both doing our shopping in Armley Town Strret!


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