Loose Ends and tieing them up

I have been a little quiet on the blog this week because I have busy out in the real world

. After reading about the EU and vacuum cleaners I decided to buy a new one. The Dyson we had (I use the term we loosely as my O/H has never touched it) we bought the first week after we moved to Bridlington. We moved on the last Friday in August 2005 (it was also the Leeds Festival and the Bank Holiday) – nine years of pet hair and sand and still going strong! I managed to find a lighter model with a turbo and I have been cleaning mad all week. A tidy up in the front room (my office!) was just the start.


I inherited this little table from my cousin Joyce , the rubbish is all my own work.


my messy desk


this glass thing used to live on my parents dining table in the 1950’s


the coasters are me and my O/H in the 1970’s to remind myself I didn’t always have wrinkles and the tiny snap on the laptop holder I “found” in an old key ring of my Mum’s. It’s me in 1964 with a Cilla hair do. It was a snap of me and my best friend but Mum must have cut her off it. Mum used this key ring for about 30 years and I never knew the photo was in it. Funny thing is just a couple of years ago the best friend in the snap cut me dead. Maybe Mum saw it coming!

I did manage to finish this little doll


scrubbed but bare


Christmas jumper, black leggings and Uggs


a little remnant of snowflake ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons

Fantastic Ribbons


Hope she is a success at the Christmas Fayre!


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