My Favourite Nostalgic Retro Home Item and Why I Love It!

This is my old pine dresser, each month I try to change the way it is decorated and then I blog about it. It’s the centre of my kitchen and the inspiration for multiple blog posts

. I was with my Mum when she bought this in the early 1980’s from our local D.I.Y. store Madeley’s ( owned by the ex Leeds United player Paul and his brother. With memories of Mum, Leeds and my favourite Aunties and Cousin who were with us when Mum bought it – we always shopped “mob handed!” it is priceless to me.


June – Bunting made from Family photographs


May day with crochet flower baskets


July – Tour de France comes to Yorkshire



I have been a little lax and not changed the trimmings for September at the moment it still has August’s bunting, my excuse being I am busy making my Christmas decorations (quick peek if you must!)


This is how it looks in the kitchen and how it fits in..


The blue and white was my Grandma’s – another look!


This is what my dresser would see if it was human!

I also use it , the cupboards and drawers are full and I use it for skeining wool.


British Gas History of Home Competition – apologies for this long post. I got rather carried away, you do that when you really love something or someone don’t you?


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