Yet another frustrating day…

Today has been one step forward and three back.

My other half washed up the breakfast things and put them away this morning. I was hanging out two loads of washing and washing the outside windowsills and the white gates. Gasping for a cup of coffee I went for a spoon. The top cutlery drawer was stuck fast. I realised a sieve and a grater had been shoved in anyhow and were wedged. If I wriggle a spatula through the gap I should be able to push down the blockage. The spatula is in the top drawer.


Other half’s contribution was “It’s too full”

Mine “it’s not if you put things in the right place!”

He wanted to unscrew the draw supports but I knew if I let him the draw would never be the same.

Light bulb Moment!


I took down the net curtain in the back porch and wiggled the curtain wire through until the hook on the end caught on the sieve handle.

My coffee is now made, the curtain is back in place and the sieve and grater are in another drawer.

Peace restored!


4 thoughts on “Yet another frustrating day…

    • He quite likes doing it because he can look out of the window and just see over the fence and see what’s going on. All our other windows look onto big hedges. I have to stand on tip toes to see over the fence though or I could wear 4″ heels!

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