My October Dresser – No Halloween for me – Birthday theme!

After a very pear shaped few weeks I have finally managed to add my October theme to my dresser.


Halloween is not a favourite time for me, I am not a fan of bats and witches brooms!

October is our  main “Birthday Month” so I have used some vintage Birthday postcards and boxes I have made and trimmed. They are empty at the moment, waiting to be filled with pressies!

This is how I made them


A pack of card from The Works cost only 99p


cut one sheet in half lengthwise ( I used the back of the breadboard to cut on)


score a line across the middle and then score from each end of this score line to the centre as in the pic above. Then punch a hole at each corner (if you have a double hole punch machine, do 4 single holes as the double ones are not the correct distance apart.


I rummaged around and found some scraps of hand made lace and ribbons from last years Bodyshop gifts! Thread the ribbons through the four holes and you have a triangular gift box.


The boxes are about 6″ tall – ideal for a small bottle of scent.


or a pair of deco earrings


a silk scarf..


a pretty bracelet…


a special key ring for car keys.

You can make these boxes easily and cheaply and decorate them with stickers buttons or toppers.


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