Edwardian Crochet Handbag Pattern Anyone?

I have a copy of the “Weldon’s Practical Shilling Guide to Fancy Work” – my husband bought it as a surprise from a local second hand bookshop.

It is a little bit tatty and rather smelly!


I thought I would add some of the patterns for you crochet, knitting and “fancy work”  experts to try. Over 100 years old and I thought this bag is still usable. What do you think?

edwardian bag

These are the instructions;

For this useful bag procure 6ozs, of Macramé twine, a bone crochet needle No. 8 and a yard of 2-inch wide dark green ribbon. Commence with the bottom of the bag with 4 chain, turn and work 8 double crochet and turn and working into both top threads of the stitches of last row, do double crochet, increasing a stitch at the end of every row till 11 stitches are attained, then work 14 rows forwards and backwards on the 11 stitches, and afterwards decrease a stitch at the end of every row till brought to three double crochet again. This forms the base or foundation; fasten off. Now catch the thread into the tenth row of the foundation and work for the sides in point neige stitch; beginning with 8 chain, raise a loop in the second of the chain stitches, raise a loop in the first chain stitch, another in the place you caught the thread into and raise 2 more loops in the foundation. There will be 6 stitches on the needle, draw through all, 1 chain, * raise a loop in the thread that lies under the chain, another in the lower thread at the back of the group, another in the same stitch as the group is worked into and 2 more along the foundation, draw the thread through all, 1 chain, and repeat from * Continue this stitch round and round until 10 rounds are done. Then work 1 chain, 1 treble all round to make a series of holes in which to run the ribbon. Then finish off with a round of plain double crochet, and having joined the last double crochet stitch neatly to the first, make a length of 45 chain for a handle, catch the thread into a double crochet stitch on the same side of the bag, and an equal distance from the end and crochet back on it , 45 single crochet and fasten off. Make a similar handle on the opposite side of the bag, Cut the ribbon in two pieces and run it though the holes in such a manner that you can tie a nice bow on each side of the bag.

I am not much of a crocheter (just know the basics!) and I have never heard of Point Neige stitch ( the book gives a detailed page on how to work this in 5 different shades but I am afraid it is beyond me. If anyone makes this please let everyone see how it turns out.

This post is for THE LITTLE ROOM OF RACHELL here is an Edwardian pattern if you would like to try it!


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