Jeepers Creeper – where did you get those eyes?

DNA fascinates me, I love to see how someone can either resemble a relative or not. Some of us are a lovely mix of both sides of the family while some seem to have been almost cloned!

I have always assumed that somewhere in my Mother’s family there was some Asian blood because most of the females have distinctive almond shaped eyes. When I began to trace my family tree I began in Yorkshire. This led me back to Dudley and then  to Shropshire. Nowhere is there anything that hints at an Asian link.

Image (21)

This is my Aunt Becky with her son. As you can see she has the Epicanthic fold, Billy has his Fathers’ big round eyes.

me age 18

This is me at the same age.

mum about 16

My Mum around the same age


My maternal Grandmother at  18

There are lots more and quite a few of the males have them too. Some have coal black hair and white skin. Mum and I inherited her fathers’ (above) red gold hair.

So I am still on the search for the ancestor who donated our narrow eyes, I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Jeepers Creeper – where did you get those eyes?

  1. Have you done a DNA test? My test from 23andme theorizes .1% Asian ancestry. That’s POINT one percent haha. But when my MIL met me she thought I looked as if I had Asian ancestry, although I am blue-eyed and do not have the eyefold at all. My kids are Korean, but my daughter’s 23andme theorizes that she is .1% Caucasian. LOL Also, that test tells my kids what percent Chinese and Japanese they are, as well as Korean. So if you have Asian ancestry and it’s showing up in your looks it would certainly show up in a 23andme test.

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