More Knitting Wool I couldn’t resist! Updated post

More Knitting Wool I couldn't resist!

I bought this wool the other day in Filey from the Salvation Army Charity shop. It was on a cone, I have balled it (aching arms!). The colours are so pretty I had to have it. There was no label on the cone but it looks like aprox 4 ply and it has that “wool” smell. There is only 200g so I have no idea what I can use it for. It was £3 which I think was a good buy. I have almost completed the Marion Foale jacket – watch this space!

After trying different swatches I just couldn’t get the tension to match any other yarn. There is not enough to make anything but a scarf (and I live in a glut of scarves!). In my office (really the front lounge) I have my Grandfathers smokers bow chair. It was made specially for him and I fit it perfectly. The seat is a little bit hard on the posterior though so I have two rather shabby cushions. Cushion covers it is then – then colour is perfect for the room and tension will not be a problem.

One of my favourite stitches is fishermens rib – I love the thickness of it. Now I know it takes a lot of yarn but this is so light it is going a long way – I am using two strands for a chunky feel. I have made one cushion front already and about a third of the second – the backs will probably have to be black. Love doing something with no shaping and a stitch I can do in my sleep that looks so beautiful.

Pics soon!


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