February – how did that happen?

February is our Wedding Anniversary month – under 40 years and over 35 years!


This month in tribute to this I have given my dresser just a mini update with some wedding photographs. These were passed on to me by a cousin down in the West Midlands. He found them when clearing his Dad’s house. They are rather special as they are on glass plates. We pooled together our brains to find out who was on them.

One was reasonably simple as Mark had a photograph of Granny’s sister Ria in the same clothes –Berringtonfamily1

Ria is the lady far right behind the pretty bridesmaid who is Granny’s youngest sister Lily, another sister Alice is to the left holding Letty. Letty is Ria’s youngest daughter and the bride is her eldest daughter Lily. Ria’s eldest son is Albert standing next to his Mother.

This is Albert with his little sister Letty


Sadly Letty died suddenly age just 23

This is the rest of the wedding party –


The only person I can name in this group is Granny’s brother Leonard – the handsome chap second from the left. I think the others are mostly the bridegrooms family.


This is Ria on the right with the “bride” on the left with Great Grandma Rebecca and her first child Vera.

One mystery one we have not solved yet is this one


another four generation photograph but still needs names – so back to the family tree.

This is a heart decoration I made last night from some florists wire, ribbon and some scraps of tatting. I bought a bag of reels of thread and oddments from a charity shop and among it all was lots of bits of tatting – obviously someone’s first attempts.


the ultimate in shabby chic!

In case you are wondering – no wedding pics with me on – it was the 1970’s – enough said!


2 thoughts on “February – how did that happen?

    • Me too – I think this might have been the back of the pub they ran. The address is just The High Street on the wedding certificate , but the bridegrooms family were a bit posher I think and The Coach and Horses might have been missed off on purpose!

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