Cushions finished and on to the next project…

At last I have finished the two cushions made from this yarn…


I used it double and fisherman’s rib, the backs are one strand of this and one strand of a neutral pure wool I had stashed away.


the chair belonged to my Grandfather, who had it made to fit his wide girth. We have obviously got much bigger as I am a size 12-14  at the minute an fit it perfectly!


I am really pleased with these, they blend in with the other things in the room

DSCF9189. It was the main lounge when we bought the bungalow but a couple of years ago we swapped some of the rooms round. As it faces west early evenings had to be spent with both blinds and curtains closed or you were blinded by the sun. We now have our main lounge in what was the master bedroom and we can actually see on an evening. This sunny room we use until the sun comes round and I have my computer in here.

DSCF9190 This is due to be the first room I am going to redecorate this spring. I am already doing a declutter in here to make things easier.


Next Wednesday will see me flashing my Diamond card down at B & Q – can’t wait to begin! I have six room to decorate this year so the sooner the better.



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