St Mary of Bethany

St. Mary of Bethany

This was my Granny’s local church now long gone (though a bit of the stone wall is still there) I found this on the web:

Designed by Edward Birchall and John Kelly

The partnership between Edward Birchall (1839 – 6 March 1903),[2] who had practised in Leeds since the early 1860s[2] and John Kelly (1840–1904)[3] who had previously been in partnership with Richard Life Adams (1840–1883), was established in 1886.[4][5]

The church of St Mary of Bethany, New Wortley, Leeds was one of Kelly & Birchall’s earliest projects. Initially worked on by Adams & Kelly, Kelly & Birchall took it to completion. Built in 1885 at a cost of £5,600, it featured a spire of 135 feet and a brick-lined interior. St Mary of Bethany was demolished in 1975. A little bit of my childhood gone.

St Mary Of Bethany Church, Tong Road, interior


One thought on “St Mary of Bethany

  1. Luckily someone was smart enough to see a landmark and photograph it for future generations. A picture like that becomes priceless after the building is gone.

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