How can a wind blowing from the South be so cold?

I have no idea what the answer is to this question but it is freezing cold here today.  The sun is shining and outdoors beckons but as soon as a foot is across the threshold you begin to shiver.

I am longing to get my garden into some kind of order but have had to admit defeat today. The bulbs in the long border at the back are well through – snowdrops and bluebells mostly at the moment.

This is last years pic –


Back to my Spring Cleaning I suppose. I have discovered Astonish Mold and Mildew remover ( £1 what a bargain) . It does smell of bleach but has cleaned up my UPVC window frames and the back porch a treat. If you try it remember to wear old clothes as I managed to splash it onto a pair of navy cords (navy goes shocking pink when you add bleach – not a lot of people know that!) . Fortunately I didn’t like them as they were baggy for some reason on my thighs so they are now my new painting trousers.



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