Blossom – love or hate it?


I have always love pink blossom and I am longing for my trees to come to life again – then I will be posting about the pest of clearing up all the fallen petals. Something so pretty up on the tree turns into a wet brown mush blocking my drains and sticking to our shoes and the dogs paws!

I know I am never satisfied and always have something to grumble about but that’s life – well it is around here anyway!

Very quick post today as I have things to do and a appointment booked with the plumber for the central heating boiler to be serviced – the excitement never ends here….

Tomorrow my new fridge freezer is being delivered. They will take the old one away but it has to be empty (natch!) and defrosted. No problem I have some insulated boxes in the garage I can pack food into until the new one has settled.  Checked garage yesterday – no boxes…. so I have a freezer full of food to pack into one coolbag. We have made a cold box (with instructions from the internet) and have eaten a lot of the food up. The porch is only a couple of degrees above freezing so it should be alright for a few hours.

Update and pics soon…

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