Forecast for the weekend is Lazy with intermittent Wine Showers!

This week had been so busy – however did I find time to work?

The new fridge freezer arrived yesterday and is humming contentedly in the kitchen while our old Smeg is somewhere in Geordieland. I managed to get a trade in deal which made the process easier as it was one in and one out.

DSCF8989 Bye Bye!

De-frosting the Smeg was a nightmare though. It was like Antarctica before global warming. I packed all the stuff from the freezer into an insulated box with bottles filled with frozen water. This was left in the porch (which is really cold at this time of year). My other half said if anything was thawed even a little bit he would bin it (he has a phobia about being sick!) When we stocked the new one he inspected everything and all was still frozen except for a lone sausage wrapped in clingfilm he found lurking in the corner so a great result.

I am aching all over from all that scraping and mopping so a very lazy weekend is planned. Football this afternoon for him and a long bath for me (the dog will be banned – he likes to run in and out of the bathroom and you often step out onto numerous scruffy toys)


Have a lovely weekend everyone x


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