Jewellery tree – no pruning needed!


I have loads of vintage costume jewellery – I wear some of it but most is just for looking at. I have always loved the little china brooches and ear rings often given to Grannies as presents!

My favourites are the lilac enamel butterfly earrings – I do wear these quite a bit. They belonged to my Mum who padded the clip with cotton wool but could never wear them for long because they hurt. I must have lobes of steel because they are so comfy for me.

The blue enamel ones remind me of a holiday in Blackpool in the 1990’s – we travelled light and I slipped these in my pocket at the last minute.

There is a little gold bar with a mauve flower on it which belonged to my Auntie which I treasure.

A lucky charity shop buy was a gold and “diamond” butterfly hat ornament – you pinch the wings together and it sort of nips onto your hat. Because it is on a spring it trembles like a real butterfly – I have never worn this. It is not the sort of thing to wear in Tesco!

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