Bedroom Secrets – what do you love about your bedroom?

My bedroom has always been a haven from a busy world. When I was five we moved from a tiny shop (where my bed was a cot with the sides removed. My feet hung over the end but there was no room for me to have a proper bed) to a brand new house. My new room was given a coat of emulsion  but later I had wallpaper in pale green covered in butterflies. I loved it so much and in summer real butterflies used to come in all the time. Even as a five years old child I made sure it was tidy and very “me”. My bed was a 3/4 size and I positioned it in the centre of the room. The space behind the headboard was my play area. I has a huge cabin trunk behind there, brought back from Australia by my Auntie Flo in the 1930’s to keep all my toys in.

Today I have my bedroom in a smallish room (the master bedroom is now our lounge!), I have mirror robes, a  dressing table and bedside chests all in white. The curtains are a very pale cream – this is a must as in the hot months I leave them closed all day to stop the sun making the room too hot – because they are pale I can still see without a torch!

My bedroom must haves are quality cotton sheets, ironed smooth and made up properly with hospital corners. I top them with a fluffy duvet in winter and a quilted cover or a light throw in summer.

I lust for cashmere…this is from Parachute the home of luxury, quality bedding.

My bed is aired each day (even when I worked full time it was stripped down, with the window open. After I had had my breakfast I remade it, and made sure the window was.. closed. Then I could go to work. I can’t bear even to think about climbing into an unmade bed  – ugh!

I love to use aromatherapy oils and it’s wonderful to go into a fragrant room. I love flowers but have hay fever so I have this tree with my vintage flower jewellery on my dressing table.


I love a deep pile carpet to sink my toes into…

My other loves are no’s

No TV, no laptop, no books, no phone, no food or drink.

Striped Cashmere Throw Solid Cashmere Throw Linen Throw Pillow Travel ...

Beautiful bedding – I would love to see it on a proper bed without the old pallets (they just remind me of dusty warehouses and they are full of splinters), the books can go into the lounge and the green bottle can just go. A clutter free bedroom gives you a chance to de clutter your mind.

Parachute asked me to write about my bedroom and what I love about it but I have received no payment for this post. It is just what I love about my bedroom – what do you love about yours?


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Secrets – what do you love about your bedroom?

  1. You were very individual as a child. I would never have thought of having my bed in the middle of the room. Probably I would not have been allowed to if I had. I’m the opposite to you I think. I like pretty and interesting things in the bedroom. Our master bedroom does not have a lot of stuff in it because Hubby would just put things on top of any ornaments but the spare room where I’m currently sleeping has bookshelves built into an alcove and green glass ornaments on a table as well as a green scented candle which I would never light. I do like nice bedding, good quality cotton blend in summer, cosy flannelette in winter. The spare bed has a vintage bedspread but I have to keep an old blanket over it at night because the dog sleeps with me.

    • I am sleeping with the dog at the moment! He is 4 and he suddenly began to howl and scratch every night. I was so fed up of being awake I moved his basket into the bedroom and he’s brilliant now (he snores though!).

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