Flowers and more flowers!

Some pictures of my back garden today…


view of the terrace and garden shed!

After the harsh winter of 2010 the conifer in the centre was mostly bald now its just a little bit bald!


This is the corner in front of the shed…


clematis on the terrace…


peonies, bluebells and my ugly tree on the back wall…


Icelandic poppies under the bedroom window…


a different variety of peony just ready to flower on the back wall…


this is under the lounge window – I have forgotten what this lovely plant is called. I won it from Paul Robinson and the Free Press and he delivered it fresh from his parents garden in Filey… nothing to do with gardening this is a magnalium teapot I bought from ebay. It is Picquot Ware from the 1940’s. I already have the small teapot / hot water jug, covered sugar bowl and the milk jug so I snapped this pot up for £5.


The new set can be bought with a tray for a whopping £595! The sugar bowl alone is £180. They are not plated so just need polishing. I have had a quick go here…


I have just stained the handles and will update when the pot is back to new condition.

Wishing you all a happy weekend xx


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