Whinge and wine about actors who air their personal views onstage and singers and comedians who think they can act but can’t!

Benedict Cumberbatch turning the air blue after his Hamlet at the Barbican had me fuming today. I hope some of the audience had the bottle to boo and walk out – I would have. Why he thinks he has the right to lecture people about migrants is a mystery to me. Educated at Harrow he will never have had to sit in crowded classrooms where 90% of the pupils don’t speak English. I doubt he uses the NHS or has huge families or gags of young men congregating outside his home. He should grow up and shut up – he is lucky to be so successful with his (in my own opinion) limited talent.

Now to Coronation Street – why not hire actors to act? Ted Robbins is the latest flop. Recently Sarah Harding was so bad she was rather funny, not so Paddy McGuinness who was not funny and just sad.

Remember the golden years of Coronation Street comedy? The sublime David Ross as Lester Fontayne. He is a great actor who can do comedy.

Rant over, soapbox packed away for today


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