Open Plan Garden Areas – are they Public Dog Loos or private gardens?

I have just spent nearly 3 hours outside tidying up the gardens, I was tired after an hour and decided to call it a day when I saw a man peering over the side wall. Because of the camber of the land you can see over the six foot wall from outside if you try. Wondering what he was up to I went out of the side gate to see. He had two small beagle type dogs on extending leads and was letting them roam around my side open plan area.

Now I know dogs like to smell around and although I myself wouldn’t have let my dog go on what is obviously someone’s garden it was his odd behaviour that rankled with me. As I came out of the side gate he took off like Usain Bolt towards Old Town, glancing behind him all the time.

I presume from this his dogs had done whoopies (there was no sign of any poo bag) but I felt too queasy to go up to the top end to look. I clean up after my own dog but find fresh poo belonging to another dog turns my stomach.

The upshot was I had a surge of energy and did a lot more cutting back of last years perennials. I have had to dig out loads of what I think is Euphorbia  as it has taken over!#

This is the offending plant – the tall dark pink one…



This is the offending wall he was peering over. As you can see the other side has trees (and shrubs too) so he had to wade through that to stickybeak!

I don’t think he will come back I gave him my killer glare (learned from my FIL who could go into a full café, glare round and a few people always got up and left!)


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