Rose Gold and Slugs any connection?

It was our 38th wedding anniversary this week….where have the years gone? We have never made a big deal of it and most years have gone by unnoticed. Last week I asked if I was getting a gift and my lovely husband said I could chose my own.

Mmm I said I would like a rose gold ring….

I got one in a way….


a roll of slug tape! Now my husband is the person who “rescues” all the snails, won’t let me use slug and snail pellets and he has no idea what this is!

He thinks Slug Tape is just its name (like Gorilla Glue) and is to put a pretty edging onto something. I am quite pleased with my gift and I am not about to tell him what it really does!

In other ways this week has been quite good – I won a bottle of Sillicolgel (we do buy it and it is expensive), £50 in H & M vouchers (already spent on a faux fur jacket and 2 t shirts) and a £10 shopping voucher (this is earmarked to spend at Iceland when the £50 in vouchers I won last month arrives next week)

I also had vouchers for Healthy Living and fruit and vegetables from The Orchard at Tesco and spent my first voucher on these Healthy Living products…


and lots of healthy veggies.


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