Worst Alarm Clock ever?

I have been quiet over the past days as I have been doing a spring clean. One bedroom finished! Yesterday I decided to recover a small chair. I had covered the seat with sand coloured suede but my o/h decided to use it as a makeshift dressing table and managed to drop gloopy hair gel onto it. I thought I could turn the suede over have  the cream leather side upmost. For some reason that did not seem to fit so I decided to use part of a chenille cushion cover.


I am quite pleased with it – the studs are not quite in the right places but I had to go with the holes already there!

We are now getting to the alarm clock part – the dog ran off with the old leather cover and managed to chew part of the corner off it.

This morning my dog vomiting alarm went of at 6.30am…..he is now sulking because I will not give him his breakfast.

In my freshly cleaned bedroom the bedside rug has just been shampooed and it is still not 8am.


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