When a lazy day turns manic….

I had planned a lazy day pottering about in the garden, reading and relaxing.


 The builder who is coming (sometime) came rapping at the door – he had forgotten the measurements of the fence panel. As he flexed his metal ruler I commented that I had found a new fence panel in the shed. This little shed we only use to store the garden furniture but it has a sort of loft / mezzanine floor. (If it was in central London we could sell it as a detached studio residence with a sleeping platform for mega bucks). The fence panel is upstairs on the sleeping platform however underneath is a mountain of cardboard boxes, garden furniture and parasols and above it lots of new wood.

This is the said shed…


He said he would use the panel when he comes (sometime) so I decided I had to make an effort to clear out some of the clutter. The new wood I stacked behind the door, the garden table and chairs are now outside and scrubbed ready for summer. I use the cardboard in the compost bins – I place a layer of cardboard, a layer of grass cuttings and repeat. It works and saves it going in the blue bin. One carton is torn up and put into the bins  and the others sorted and stacked neatly. I also found 3 curtain poles and 3 roller blind poles – these are waiting for a skip run.


I planted a few seeds before the rain came down…and at after 4 pm I can start my relaxing day.


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