Sitting out bit of the Garden ready for the sun!

This is the second warmish day this week – yesterday I made the mistake of working all morning and the went went behind the clouds in the afternoon.


This is as you come out of the back door, I have scrubbed the old concrete with both patio cleaner and Daz – The Daz won! It was a packet of handwash /twin tub I picked up by mistake and had been in the back of the cupboard ages.

The bench gets the sun at lunch time but it is a bit hard on the posterior! I saw this padded bed scarf (what are they for exactly?) in the charity shop for £1. I cut it in two and stitched the two halves together to make a square. It just fits and I’m going to try it out at lunchtime!


The two long planters were a bargain at the Friendly Forrester’s car boot last sunday. Two very friendly ladies were selling garden stuff and publicising the Old Town Open Gardens event. I don’t think I will be going as my other half is very uninterested in plants and other peoples gardens but we had a good chat. The planters were £1 each – I would have bought more but I only had a quarter of a sack of compost left and other half hurt his back lifting it into the car boot and refuses to let me buy more. What I had only half filled them so I had to dig my own compost out of one of my three composters. It was very hard work and loads of bees seemed to think it was their hive – it looked good stuff though! I planted nasturtiums and sunflowers in them.


I decamped outside with my tablet and mobile – just got comfy when the landline started to ring. I decided to find out who it was and make a coffee – Indesit! Trying to persuade me to buy an extended warranty on my new dryer. Third call in 3 days – next time I speak to them I will be very firm with them.

I hope in a couple of weeks I will have some colour but I swear I heard a passing pidgeon saying to his mate “Oy down there new dinnerware and a few tasty seedlings. Get In!”


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