Twelve Years A Junk Room…

So SDSCF0929 (2)

Seems so long since I posted anything on here, my excuse is I have been doing major decorating and upgrading. We had an unused room full of junk and after twelve years I have finally culled loads of junk, sorted out what was left and decorated it. I hate the electric fire (we only use it if the central heating fails) so I am hiding it with plants and candles. This is a work in progress!

DSCF0904 (2)

Mum’s 60’s glass and the Lalique esk vase in the middle was a birthday present from my husband – it was a lamp once and I still hope to find the matching shade!


These leather sofas were in there as we found they were too small for the lounge. I inherited the old drop leaf table in the corner and the old school music centre is mine – my husband’s is in the lounge.


I painted the desk (couldn’t get a new one to fit!) , the chair was made for my Grandad in the 1890’s. Since I took this pic Gyp has been treated to a new cream bed and blanket!


The bits of Hornsea and Ulrome pottery remind me of Happy holidays on the East Coast. The tartan box is the start of my Christmas Eve Box. I am not big on Christmas and like to hibernate with a book and a glass of wine so that is exactly what I started with. I am adding to it each week and have started one for husband and dog too!

I finished this room a few weeks ago and have been decorating one of the bedrooms – I will add some pics soon.

Bye for now, Loma.


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