I am Mrs Grumpy today!

It is cold, raining and I have just answered another call from a local double glazing firm. However many times I tell them I do not want any of their products they still ring me.

I suppose on the bright side I am indoors, I am warm, not hungry, still have my sight and hearing and don’t have to work. If I had been born a few years later I would still be a wage slave…

some things are well worth celebrating!


Obelisk Building this morning!

Last week we bought a couple of things from Argos and received a £10 voucher free so I added £5 to it and treated myself to a pair of Obelisks.

I built them this morning and they are huge! Look something like this…

only a bit flimsier. I will have to push them well into the ground to get them firm and anchor them with strong plants.

About 6 feet tall and now stuck in the corner of the front room – I should have left them in the box. Still it will give me a chance to work out just where they will look best and what to plant to climb them.

At the moment this Russian Vine is a favourite,

Dreaming of Spring is over and housework is calling…

Rose Gold and Slugs any connection?

It was our 38th wedding anniversary this week….where have the years gone? We have never made a big deal of it and most years have gone by unnoticed. Last week I asked if I was getting a gift and my lovely husband said I could chose my own.

Mmm I said I would like a rose gold ring….

I got one in a way….


a roll of slug tape! Now my husband is the person who “rescues” all the snails, won’t let me use slug and snail pellets and he has no idea what this is!

He thinks Slug Tape is just its name (like Gorilla Glue) and is to put a pretty edging onto something. I am quite pleased with my gift and I am not about to tell him what it really does!

In other ways this week has been quite good – I won a bottle of Sillicolgel (we do buy it and it is expensive), £50 in H & M vouchers (already spent on a faux fur jacket and 2 t shirts) and a £10 shopping voucher (this is earmarked to spend at Iceland when the £50 in vouchers I won last month arrives next week)

I also had vouchers for Healthy Living and fruit and vegetables from The Orchard at Tesco and spent my first voucher on these Healthy Living products…


and lots of healthy veggies.

Perfect Saturday?

I found this pic online and this is my idea of a perfect Saturday (minus the bike!)

Unfortunately this is more like mine

just cut my o/h’s hair

I have just searched for some wood glue and the whole house and garage looks something like this (will buy more on Monday and then the tube I bought last week will turn up!)

O/h has football this afternoon so I aim to have a home spa afternoon – instead of hot stones down my spine I usually end up with a squirming dog trying to lick me to death!

Whatever you are doing enjoy!

INTERVIEW: Scottish soprano Eleanor Dennis talks to Glasgow Theatre Blog

Eleanor Dennis is my first cousin twice removed (her Grandfather is my first cousin) the music gene passed by me!

Glasgow Theatre Blog

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 09.47.49

Born in Aberdeenshire, soprano Eleanor Dennis is a rising star in the opera world, inspiring Fiona Maddocks in The Observer to write: ‘I’m not sure if I can recall  one who so obviously deserves to be a star.’ Recent appearances have included critically acclaimed portrayals of the title role in Rodelinda and Costanza Riccardo Primo (London Handel Festival), Romilda Xerxes (English Touring Opera), Contessa Le nozze di Figaro (British Youth Opera) and Fiordiligi Così fan tutte (RCM).  She has also sung the title role in Francisco António de Almeida’s Ippolito at the Festival de Sablé with the Orquestra Barroca Casa da Música and Laurence Cummings and Lucio Cinna in Mozart’s Lucio Silla at Cadogan Hall with the Classical Opera Company (of which she is an Associate Artist) and Ian Page.  Eleanor also recently made her debut at the English National Opera in a new production of Vaughan Williams’ The Pilgrim’s Progress. Glasgow Theatre Blog was delighted to have the chance to ask Eleanor some questions…

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Open Plan Garden Areas – are they Public Dog Loos or private gardens?

I have just spent nearly 3 hours outside tidying up the gardens, I was tired after an hour and decided to call it a day when I saw a man peering over the side wall. Because of the camber of the land you can see over the six foot wall from outside if you try. Wondering what he was up to I went out of the side gate to see. He had two small beagle type dogs on extending leads and was letting them roam around my side open plan area.

Now I know dogs like to smell around and although I myself wouldn’t have let my dog go on what is obviously someone’s garden it was his odd behaviour that rankled with me. As I came out of the side gate he took off like Usain Bolt towards Old Town, glancing behind him all the time.

I presume from this his dogs had done whoopies (there was no sign of any poo bag) but I felt too queasy to go up to the top end to look. I clean up after my own dog but find fresh poo belonging to another dog turns my stomach.

The upshot was I had a surge of energy and did a lot more cutting back of last years perennials. I have had to dig out loads of what I think is Euphorbia  as it has taken over!#

This is the offending plant – the tall dark pink one…



This is the offending wall he was peering over. As you can see the other side has trees (and shrubs too) so he had to wade through that to stickybeak!

I don’t think he will come back I gave him my killer glare (learned from my FIL who could go into a full café, glare round and a few people always got up and left!)

Outdoor eating – yea or nay?

wood slices matI love these placemats and they would cover up my bog standard plastic table – problem is I don’t have a tree to cut or a circular saw!

I always have problems eating outside as we seen to attract midges and flies

pebbles and feltThese are lovely and are made by gluing pebbles to felt – a maybe – but I would need a hot

glue gun, felt and pebbles. Maybe I should try to make a midge net!


Dark, damp and depressing…

Today has been my blue day so I have done a few new plans for my revamped concrete area by the back /side door to cheer myself up…

I love this and have a stone bird bath that could be used as a pedestal (I can’t use it as a bird bath as the gulls try to swim in it and make such a mess and noise)

I have had my fix for today and feel much happier than this morning when the highlight was unblocking a drain!


When good gas meters turn bad…

Not a very good day – our gas meter decided to go on strike and it’s freezing cold here.

First I phoned my gas provider – a recorded voice told me the queue was between 20-40 minutes but I could have ringback. I pressed ringback and of course no-one rang back!

After a difficult online chat with someone called Surraraj who did not seem to find it an emergency I had to play the age card. I explained we were old and needed heat and we in danger of frostbite and he said an engineer would ring and then visit within 3 hours. Well he didn’t ring but he did turn up (at the side gate which we keep locked!) and took 5 minutes to fix the meter.

After a climb into the loft the boiler breathed again and I managed without my hot water bottle.

Bamboo or not to Bamboo?

I really want to make the side passageway in my garden into a part of the garden and I love the idea of some large bamboo plants. I know you can buy non clumping (non-invasive) but I am a bit of a wimp and don’t want to be invaded with plants everywhere.

This is the kind of look I would love , rather than this!


These in a wooden planter look like they would do

I think I will have to go to the garden centre and ask for advice!