My Front Door – a nostalgic look back

My Front Door Inspired to write this after reading about Yale¬†having a new blog and running a competition to win a new front door I have tried my best to find “Front Door Stories” good enough to win! Like Mrs Thatcher I was brought up over the shop! My Grandma had started the shop selling […]

Shirley Temple dies age 85 – sorry Mum I couldn’t be Shirley!

Child star Shirley Temple My Mum always wanted me to be Shirley but I was a sorry disappointment to her. This is me in the middle – straight hair and pulling a face. A complete tomboy! I loved this outfit with it’s Tyrolean embroidery and pom poms but even now I am messing¬†with the bridle. […]

5 2 Diet New? no it’s from the 1950’s!

This afternoon I bought a book from my local second hand book shop called “The Book of Beauty”. It looks to be from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s and has some great vintage photographs. Under the diet section I found the 2 day a week wonder diet. The two diet days have to fall […]

Record Snow Forecast for November!

The Daily Express has forecast loads of snow for November – that has really cheered me up. I hate cold weather probably because I was never really warm until I married and had control of my own heating. After having central heating installed it was like living in a different country. For the first 20 […]

Strictly Come Dancing – 1950’s Style!

This is Central Road Leeds in the 1950’s, The Central was just down to the right. I have always loved to dance and pleaded with Mum for lessons. My two female cousins both had lessons and danced in Panto’s and shows. My Mum was adamant that I would mess about and waste time ( how […]

Summer Memories of the 1950’s

This was taken at Hunstanton in Norfolk in I think 1955 or 6. Quite a long drive from Leeds in an Austin A30 with a wife and daughter who were both travel sick! I don’t remember much about this holiday except one day we had a hail storm which left the roads flooded. The journey […]