My Front Door – a nostalgic look back

My Front Door Inspired to write this after reading about Yale having a new blog and running a competition to win a new front door I have tried my best to find “Front Door Stories” good enough to win! Like Mrs Thatcher I was brought up over the shop! My Grandma had started the shop selling […]

Book Reviews? Do you take any notice of them?

I never bother with book reviews. Sometimes I see one and I think that sounds interesting but I am not swayed by “this is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!” hype. I have lost count of the times I have found a best seller to be just average. I have just discovered the crime books by Peter Robinson. Not a […]

Lost Cinemas – The Clifton, Bramley, Leeds

The Clifton Bramley Town End Leeds The photograph is of it’s later incarnation as Forrest Products D.I.Y. Centre.   A good 15 minutes walk from my home (past a few lonely places- Hill End Nurseries, The Old Workhouse, then a home for old men, St. Mary’s Hospital and Hill Top Cemetery) this was only an […]

Lost Buildings of Leeds – Cox & Co., Regent Street – Art Deco Garage

This is the premises of Cox and Co. Regent Street, Leeds. I always thought this was a lovely looking building. This end was the Commercial Sales, the other end was the Domestic sales. At the back there was a track to test tyres (or something! not very technically minded). There was also a big car […]