February – how did that happen?

February is our Wedding Anniversary month – under 40 years and over 35 years! This month in tribute to this I have given my dresser just a mini update with some wedding photographs. These were passed on to me by a cousin down in the West Midlands. He found them when clearing his Dad’s house. […]

Happy New Year – Welcome to 2015!

Everyone has their own customs and habits and over the years I have my own way of celebrating Christmas and New Year. My decorations go up at the beginning of December but come down for New Years Eve. I follow the Scots custom of giving the house a good clean for New Year so for […]

My Favourite Nostalgic Retro Home Item and Why I Love It!

This is my old pine dresser, each month I try to change the way it is decorated and then I blog about it. It’s the centre of my kitchen and the inspiration for multiple blog posts . I was with my Mum when she bought this in the early 1980’s from our local D.I.Y. store […]

More photographs from the loft…Canadian relatives visit!

Here are another 2 snaps I found in the loft before Christmas.. This is me in 1973. I loved this suit. I made it myself. the skirt was cream and the jacket cream, blue and pink stripes. I made most of my clothes between 1964 and 1980. Being so skinny I could never buy anything […]

School Photographs; Love them or hate them?

Whingate Primary School Class 3A 1959 A recent trip into the loft looking for Christmas decorations led me to discover a few old photographs. I am 5th from the right in the seated girls. My cousin Geoff is on the back row on the right edge. He looks as if he has cotton wool in […]

Box from the loft – trash or treasure?

I recently found a flat box lurking in the loft, could it be all my missing photographs? Yes and no. It was full of photographs and negatives but they were all the second division ones no one wants. The ones taken from too far away or with bits missing. I should explain I have very […]