Spring Cleaning no Hacks just hard graft!

DSCF0762 (2)I always begin by opening the windows wide & letting the fresh air in. My first job is to take down the purple curtains and stick them in the washer and then I am on to getting rid of loads of clutter, I empty the wardrobes completely and examine each item before it wins a place back on my (now clean) rails ditto each drawer and the under bed store. My tally was two black sacks full of bedding, a bag of rags (very old towels and sheets!) a carrier full of faux fur kept just in case I felt like making a stuffed tiger and a box of ornaments and cd’s.


This is just some of it – we have done one charity shop run with the back sacks full of double duvet covers (no double duvets only king!) and single sheets (no single beds!)

The actual cleaning comes next – wiping, hoovering polishing.

Now the bed – I like to turn my mattress regularly both top to bottom and turn it over and with a king size it is very heavy. The mattress is given a good hoovering on both sides. Keeping up with mattress maintenance is a great way to keep it looking new, but if yours is too old and you’re in the market, check out Leesa for some online mattresses“. I have a clean topper, new summer duvet and new bedding – one set is butterflies and one is birds on blossom – both match the purple curtains. In the past I have had a lighter set of curtains for Spring but these keep out the early morning sun so well they will go back up when dry. As the early mornings are still cold here I have folded my white faux fur throw but left it handy on the dressing stool rather than across the bed.

DSCF0763 (2)

I love my pillows and cushions – two satin rose cushions and my favourite one  the Scottie dog go on next.

DSCF0766 (2)

I love to re use something and as I can’t have real flowers in the house as they make me sneeze I “borrowed” this huge salad bowl from the kitchen and filled it with faux Spring blooms for the bedside stand.

DSCF0768 (2)

I still have some oddments of a glass dressing table set which belonged to my granny – a pair of candle sticks and a few small bowls. I added the sticks to a few more I found around the house ( I always have candles about as we have quite a few power cuts) and made this display on a little antique table. The vase has a few old pearl necklaces in the base – I love to use old beads in plain glass vases.

DSCF0762 (2)

I have a small collection of china flower brooches and earrings and these look pretty in one of Grannies bowls and the winter amber and jet goes away for the summer months.

DSCF0770 (2)

With the curtains back up and all the surfaces given a final polish and shine my bedroom is all ready for Spring.


A well deserved cuppa!

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