Bridlington Old Town Festival – Le Grand Depart theme?

Tomorrow sees the Bridlington Old Town Festival and this year the organisers hope it will have a French theme in tribute to the Grand Depart completely missing out on the East Riding ! This is from the local paper: brid old town     [googlemaps″ name=”f2689a01d272f18″ width=”90″ height=”1000″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”> Print this     […]

Summer Scents – what is your favourite?

What is your favourite Summer Scent? @amarlaliving  are running a competition to win a bottle of Penhaligon’s Tralala! for bloggers who post about their favourite summer scent. I love the smell of a beach freshly washed by the tide, a baby bathed and powdered but most of all I love my very favourite perfume. It […]

review of Iron & Velvet – Glass and Mirror Cleaner – in Apple and Mint fragrance

This is the last of the four products from Iron & Velvet I have to test and review (sob). I left it until last as I find cleaning windows a real chore. I was more excited then I have ever been about cleaning materials when the box arrived. The sturdy box revealed tight balls of […]

My garden from Spring to Summer…a bit of a Hockney moment!

I just noticed this morning how my garden has blossomed in the last few weeks. Copying David Hockney a little I thought I would show you how it has changed from Spring… this is the 2nd of May. Today is the 20th June and it looks like this… Maybe you have noticed the birdbath is […]