Baby Knitting x 3!

My friend Kathy has just found out she has three Great Grand daughters on the way so I decided to surprise her with these little boots. They are all made from the same yarns – in 2 shades of pink but I have varied the styles and sizes – Kath can sort out who gets […]

Sights of Spring?

Two new sights greeted me this morning, my lovely tulips bought on Wednesday had drooped into this I have managed to salvage something after chopping some off the stalks and using a couple of rubber bands. They looked this morning like I felt yesterday. If you have seen that old Ian Carmichael film “Privates Progress” […]

Happy March!

Look at this lovely creature – we were lucky to see two in a field near where we live, they were just playing in the sun. I would love to see them boxing. When we had our lurcher Sally she used to have a park friend another lurcher called Star and they used to do […]